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water damage
water damage

Water Damage Restoration

Fast action by our flood damage specialists makes a big difference in minimizing structural water damage to property. Our water damage experts extract water, dry, dehumidify, deodorize and disinfect the areas flooded or damaged by water. Crews are available 24/7 to stop damage to walls, ceilings, carpets and wood floors. FLOOD WATER RESTORATION will disconnect all electrical equipment and move it to a dry location, remove water from inside the home or building, remove water-damaged materials and ventilate with fans and/or dehumidifiers. Acting quickly can increase the chance of salvaging usable materials, reduce the amount of rust, rot and mold that might develop, and limit the likelihood of structural problems

water damage restoration
water flood

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration is a complex process due to the unique behavior of smoke. Our trained technicians can test your residential or commercial property to determine whether it was a low heat smoldering fire causing wet smoke or a high heat fast burning fire leaving behind dry smoke. A protein smoke is practically invisible; however it discolors paints and has an extremely pungent odor, which will increase with time. A furnace puff back causes a residue known as fuel oil soot. Immediate Smoke Clean up by FLOOD WATER RESTORATION will begin the fire damage recovery process.  Call FLOOD WATER RESTORATION and let the Fire Damage Restoration Experts take over

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burnt house restoration

Mold Damage Restoration

The first step in mold damage restoration is a comprehensive inspection of the home or building to assess the extent of the problem. We use a non-toxic, environmentally safe enzyme technology to treat microbial growth. Our technology is applied with equipment which treats the air, surfaces, wall cavities, HVAC systems. All of our personnel is trained and equipped with proper personal protective equipment. Once contaminated areas are discovered through testing and visual inspection a remediation plan will be developed. Areas that need containment from non-contaminated areas will be sealed using 6 mil poly sheeting if needed. Air scrubbers and/or negative air machines will be used during demolition and prior to treatment to clean the air and prevent cross contamination. 

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Look nowhere else but Flood Water Restoration for all your disaster management solutions.

You will be pleased to find out that we provide the best restoration services in case disaster strikes. A disaster can trigger damage as well as destroy residential or commercial property worth millions, and that is why when it comes to water, fire, or mold restoration, it is essential to select a professional team of experts to halt the damages from spreading out and also to reduce further losses.

At floodwaterrestoration.com, you get the most useful advice and service from an expert group of professionals from various areas capable of dealing with the entire reconstruction operation. Whatever the reason for damages is, we will deal with every little thing in great detail. Flooding water remediation specializes in water, fire, and mold and mildew disasters restoration.

Floodwaterrestoration has a group of woodworkers, electrical experts, plumbing professionals, architects, etc. to have your building up and running once again in the fastest time possible. Our team can get to your location in as little as 2 hrs and start repairing all the damages. In the case of water damage restoration, the team can quickly drain the water from the affected location and additionally decontaminate the area. In case of fire damage remediation, the team will proceed to minimize the spread of damage and make the location smoke and also smell free.

Whatever type of damages was caused to your residential or commercial property, FLOOD WATER RESTORATION is always there for you 365 days a year, 24-hour a day.

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