Water damage can be devastating

The damage caused by accumulated water during rainy seasons or floods can be destructive for any building, whether it is a residential house or a commercial building. If immediate actions are not taken, it can damage the foundation of your home and your precious possessions. To avoid enormous loss of property damage due to water damage Flood Water Restoration is here to help you.

Emergency Water Damage Restoration

Water damage is the most common problem everybody faces in their homes. It can originate from manifold disparate circumstances that can lead to water leakage in your home. Leaking pipes and defective appliances can cause substantial damage to the property if left unnoticed. Any open sources of leaking water attack on the walls, ceilings, wooden furniture or metal appliances that leads to detrimental processes such as rusting of steel rods, rotting and swelling of wooden materials, increase in mold or bacterial growth, etc. The damage caused is unnoticeable and slow in progress that can lead to large issues which would cost you a fortune

water damage restoration

How bad is water damage?

Water damage can result in safety hazards and structural defects. It is quite difficult to notice the hidden spots that are leading to potential water damage like mold growth, leaking pipes and windows, unsound walls, foundation cracks in doors or floors, etc. Water damage accelerates the rate of microbial or mold growth in a few days. Flooding can expose people to various infectious and deadly diseases like cholera, dysentery and typhoid.


The damage caused by water gets worse with time if the hidden sources are not located and sealed off immediately. Though the moisture or liquid damage caused to wooden items and electronic appliances is a deteriorating process which affects these materials at a serious level. Metal appliances get corroded and wet wood can lead to a substantial growth of mold and other microbial invasions which is harmful to your family and pets. Mold growth can lead to unsound walls and ceilings that would cost you arms and legs in repairing them. If immediate actions are not taken, further damage to the affected region can happen.


Collection of water in unwanted locations can cause serious damage in a house. It will not only damage your precious possessions but also will ruin the house in which you are living in. In such situations, acting smartly and quickly can minimize the damage and save your possessions and house from potential damage. Before calling a water damage restoration company, you may try cleaning up the collected water by using buckets, mugs, mops and towels to soak up a large amount of water and throw it out of the house. Before doing something, make sure to disconnect the power and unplug the electronic appliances immediately. Remove the movable items, furniture and electronic appliances to a safer place to avoid any contacts of water with them. After mopping up the area, open fans to dry out the area. Open windows of your house to permit the circulation of air that escalates the drying process. Disinfect the area to prevent mold growth in the affected region. Finally, dispose of  the damaged items into the dumpster and remove those articles out of your site to keep your house safe.


Water damage is a devastating process that can ruin the roots of your house if the water is not dried out immediately. The average period of drying out water is between 2 to 5 days which depends on multiple factors. Depending on the cause of damage, the kinds of materials affected, the moisture content of the affected areas and for how long the affected items have been wet, the drying process of the water varies. Materials such as cabinets, baseboards and drywall will take usually 3 to 4 days to dry out depending on the duration of their contact with water. Carpets will dry out in 1 to 2 days as it easily discharges the moisture content. Bricks, plaster and wood flooring can take many weeks to dry out properly as these materials need extra time to release the amount of water content in the damaged areas. So, it is wise to call flood water restoration company to clean up or sanitize these materials quickly.